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Are You Looking for a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Most people never expect to need the help of a personal injury lawyer. Instead, they think that these kinds of accidents only happen to “someone else.” However, when you are injured by someone else’s negligent actions, you can be left with medical bills, lost wages, and other consequences. A lawyer or attorney can help you navigate a personal injury case including car accidents, dog bites, and slip and fall scenarios. If you need an attorney for personal injury and worker’s compensation cases in the Evanston, IL area, contact us.

Attorney Ehsan Eftekhari is a personal injury lawyer with a reputation for providing reliable legal counsel. He’s proud to serve clients in any of these communities:

  • Chicago, IL
  • Evanston, IL
  • Skokie, IL
  • Cook County, IL
  • Will County, IL
  • Lake County, IL
  • Dupage, IL
  • Kane, IL
  • Niles, IL
  • Schaumburg, IL

Personal injury claims are a subsection of civil law. The main goal of a personal injury case is to recoup losses if someone else injures you negligently or maliciously. You can file a lawsuit as a legal recourse to collect payment for costs related to an injury like:

  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

A lawyer can also help you pursue punitive damages in a personal injury claim. Instead of recouping your losses, punitive damages seek to punish a party that harmed you. This way, they can serve as an example to deter possible future offenders. Punitive damages can cover issues like intentional infliction of emotional distress. Punitive damages allow you to pursue high price tags for a personal injury claim.


Our Dog Bite Lawyer Fights for Your Worth and Safety

While dogs are usually a staunch companion, dog bite attacks can result in a serious injury like:

  • Broken bones
  • Torn muscles
  • Joint injury
  • Infectious diseases like rabies

If you were injured in a dog attack, don’t blame Bowser. When a dog attacks and causes an injury to someone, it’s not the animal’s fault. Instead, the dog’s training is to blame. Because of this, the Illinois law recognizes that legal responsibility for dog bite attacks lies with the animal’s owner. If you receive an injury in a dog bite attack, an attorney can help you seek financial restitution.

Dog bite cases are a subsection of personal injury law, and a lawyer specializing in that area of legal practice will have experience working on these types of cases. Dog bite attacks can also cause serious emotional distress and act as the basis for punitive damage claims.


Ehsan Eftekhari is Also an Experienced Slip and Fall Attorney

Slip and fall cases may seem like an issue for the old and fragile. However, more than 17,000 Americans die in slip and fall injuries in the US each year. These cases can also result in serious medical issues like hip, wrist, back, and shoulder injuries. If you suffered an injury from a slip and fall case that wasn’t your fault, a lawyer can maximize your chances of winning your case.

Talk to Our Workers Compensation Attorney Today About Your Case

If you received an injury on the job, you deserve compensation. Workers’ compensation claims often require an attorney to settle. These kinds of claims are a subsection of personal injury law, and a lawyer specializing in this area of legal study can help. Don’t let an employer or the government deny you the compensation that’s rightfully yours – call an attorney to help you settle
our claim.

If you need a personal injury lawyer to help you get the money you deserve, you can trust Ehsan Eftekhari. He has more than two decades of experience providing reliable legal services to clients in the Evanston, IL area. Call the Eftekhari law firm any time 24 hours a day, seven days a week for a free consultation. Home or hospital visits
are available.

We offer a free phone consultation.

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If you need a lawyer who will see you as more than just a case number, choose attorney Eftekhari. He’s also one of the hardest-working lawyers in the Chicago area and works on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. He’s a professional, reliable, and competent lawyer who can help you navigate the personal injury process. If you have any questions or need representation in your case, call the Eftekhari Law Offices today for a free consultation.

The information contained on this website is presented for informational and marketing purposes only and is not to be understood as legal advice. You should consult an attorney for advice respecting your individual needs. Eftekhari Law Offices looks forward to speaking with you about your particular needs. Please note, however, that the mere act of contacting our firm does not create an attorney-client relationship. As a result, you should never send any confidential information to our office until a Representation Agreement has been signed by both you and Eftekhari Law Offices.

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