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Are You Looking for an Insurance Attorney in the Dekalb, IL Area?

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While we may like to think that insurance companies keep our best interests in mind, that’s not always the case. Insurance providers are corporations that function for the profit of their shareholders. To that end, some try to delay or deny payments to their clients that deserve financial compensation. If you have a valid claim that an insurance company refuses to pay, the Eftekhari Law Office can help. Attorney Ehsan Eftekhari is a lawyer that practices bad faith insurance law. Since 1999, he’s helped his clients in the DeKalb, IL area enforce legal insurance claims that their providers tried to deny. If you need a lawyer that can guide you throughout the insurance claim process, you can trust attorney Eftekhari to provide reliable, competent service.

Attorney Eftekhari proudly serves clients in these areas:

  • Chicago, IL
  • Evanston, IL
  • Skokie, IL
  • Cook County, IL
  • Will County, IL
  • Lake County, IL
  • Dupage, IL
  • Kane, IL
  • DeKalb, IL
  • Schaumburg, IL

Insurance Law: Why You Should Always Hire a Legal Professional

In a bad faith insurance case, a person sues their own insurance company for not providing adequate coverage under their plan. When someone buys an insurance plan, they expect their provider to fulfill the obligations of their agreement. However, this doesn’t always happen. Often, insurance companies try to shirk their financial obligations to their clients. These companies have nearly unlimited resources, experience, and manpower when compared to their clients. Because of this, they can often strongarm their clients into settling a lower amount of financial compensation than they should.

Bad Faith Insurance Claims Don’t Have to Ruin Your Life

If your insurance company is trying to pay you less than you think they owe, there is an option. An attorney can help you file a bad faith lawsuit against your insurance company. When a client signs a contract with an insurance company, the provider is agreeing to maintain a standard of service for the client. If they fail to meet this standard, you and your lawyer can file a suit to collect the financial restitution you deserve.

To succeed in a bad faith insurance claim, your lawyer will need to prove two things:

  • Your provider promised you benefits that they did not provide. Your lawyer needs to establish that your claim was valid as per your contract with your provider. Then, your lawyer needs to provide evidence that your insurance company denied your claim.
  • Your provider’s reason for denying your claim was unwarranted. To prove this, your lawyer needs to establish that your provider intentionally denied your claim and that the denial was unreasonable. In Illinois, a lawyer needs to prove that an insurance company’s actions were “vexatious and unreasonable,” not just negligent. A provider’s actions are not “vexatious and unreasonable” according to the state only if:
    • There is a dispute concerning the scope of the coverage
    • The provider maintains that its policy is legitimate
    • There’s a question regarding a legal or factual issue
    • The insurer’s legal position regards an unsettled legal issue

If your attorney can establish that your insurance company’s actions met these standards, you’ll be entitled to:

  • The amount of your claim
  • Attorney’s fees and other costs
  • An additional sum that’s either an extra 60 percent of your original claim amount or $60,000.

Call for an Insurance Claim Lawyer That’ll Fight Tirelessly for You

Attorney Eftekhari has spent more than 20 years helping his clients in the DeKalb, IL area enforce their insurance claims. His client-first approach to law has won him accolades amongst those who hire him. He’ll visit clients in their homes or at the hospital. He’s always on-call, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, he speaks seven languages including:

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Bulgarian
  • Bosnian
  • Spanish
  • Polish
  • Russian

Don’t let an insurance company shirk their responsibility to pay you. Call the Eftekhari Law Office today to schedule your free consultation.


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If you need a lawyer who will see you as more than just a case number, choose attorney Eftekhari. He’s also one of the hardest-working lawyers in the Chicago area and works on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. He’s a professional, reliable, and competent lawyer who can help you navigate the personal injury process. If you have any questions or need representation in your case, call the Eftekhari Law Offices today for a free consultation.

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